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Iowans Keep Their Noses Above Water

By The Empire, Staff Writer

The Empire, November 1938, p 8

Views and news of the Iowa OIl Company under the recent high water at Dubuque, Iowa.

When "Old Man River" went on a rampage recently, he did the job up in high fashion, the highest ever recoreded in the fall of the year, 20 1/2 feet.

These pictures show how things looked during the high tide. One picture shows four Iowa Oil Company employees stranded on the steps with the old Maestro, George Schumacher, himself, in hip boots surveying the situation. The gentleman at the left in the plaid shirt and left leg akimbo is none other than the well-known J. Stanley Muir. Next comes Mary Elayne Breitbach and K.J. Noonan and Chas. R. Sieg.

In another picture Eulalie Smith is being transported over the muddy waters by V.B. Lorenzen. It dosen't look like Eulalie was in any danger of slipping out of that vice-like grip.

We don't know whether the third picture was before or after the second picture, but here we have Eulalie again and well out of the water, seated on teh radiator of faithful Dobbin truck and evidently from the sign on the truck bumper, she is already for the boat races.

A great deal of credit is due Manager George Schumacher and the employees of the Iowa Oil Company for the splendid work done in giving their customers service during this flood period.

Dubuque, Iowa  - Flood, Iowa Oil Company


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