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Iowa Oil Company: Oct. 1905 - May 2004

I'm working on a defintive history of the company, but here are a few key dates in the history of this company. The Iowa Oil Company was one of the oldest remaining oil companies in the midwest before filing for bankruptcy in 2003.

This company began in 1905 with two floating service stations on the Mississippi River, and at the time of bankruptcy, operated stations in Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

October 19, 1905 - Articles of Incorporation are filed in Dubuque County (Iowa)

1915 - Begins distrbution of Cities Service Products in conjuction with their private label brands

July 1955 - Featured in Service magazine, the official company publication of the Cities Service Oil Company

October 1955 - Celebrates 50th anniversary

2003 - Files for Bankruptcy

May 2004 - Assets of the company are auctioned at a public sale


Iowa Oil Company - In The News (click for article):

The Empire, November 1938, p8, Iowans Keep Their Noses Above Water

National Petroleum News, February 15, 1944, pp 32-35, Going is Tough, Iowa Jobber Admits, but He's Not Bogged Down.

Service Magazine, June 1955, pp 10-11, The Admirals Knew What They Wanted


Iowa Oil Company Tank Truck


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